End of 467AV Roundup

Lady Fiorella and Marcello are continuing to spread word of the Resistance, aiming to create new cells and bring the fight to all corners of the Accord. To this end, they are currently working on getting the Cinneans involved. They have some ideas but it will take time.

Captain Dominico continues to hold Mirandola. The city is no longer just a fortress holding refugees but a home for many and a functioning city on most levels. Dominico has entered talks with Akal Blumasian, the head of the Escari in Drengfold. The fact that an Escari leader is willing to talk is big news.

Legate Castus of the Felidi Legion has seized the city of Ravanusa. This brings the entirety of the Southern Duchy under Resistance control. The Felidi forces are fortifying the city and beginning work on re-establishing the famous port there.

Phillipe Tavari has journeyed to Novella. He has been talking with his sister, the Lady Amelia and they believe that there is potential for cooperation between the Templars and the Resistance in the future, but both sides need convincing. The two of them travelled with Clymenia’s army when it headed up to Mestreeh. The accounts of Phillippe’s performance on the battlefield are astounding. It is said he defeated a Reaper on his own, while fighting with one hand and carrying a brandy balloon in the other. Not a drop of Brandy was spilled.

Benju has learned much in his time with Chiyala. He now moves on feet so silent that Marcello has almost had three heart attacks in the last week. But Chiyala has also learned much from Benju and is ready to return to the world. He wishes to speak to the other Guardians and has the services of a tribe of very stealthy Orcs. They are a little distrusting of the Resistance and humans in general but they follow Chiyala loyally.

Taishi No Ji has followed in the footsteps of many of the rumoured Shujin and headed to Vara’s Bounty. He left a parting message with the Resistance. He must travel there to do what no other has managed to do. He is now unable to retrieve the Shujin artefact from Clymenia and hopes the Resistance can find a way to do it. Shujin would then owe the Resistance a great favour.

Ilac have crushed a Scourge army with the help of many allies and a great list of favours. Regardless of the politics, the Scourge army that once held Ilac and Sauropsida in an iron grip is no more. Two legions and the Mon Zixans have returned to Ilac city along with the living population who will now be much safer in the city, especially as many of the mindless dead are no longer there, driven before the armies in their attack on the Scourge. The 4th Legion remains in Mestreeh alongside the Templars and the Shujin. The Waster army led by Dust-in-Wind has taken their leave and headed back to the Wastes after nearly two years on campaign.

Mina Tactus has been sent out to gather allies where possible. She is currently believed to be headed for Paravel to try to force the Cinneans into action. Cinnea is vast and if they can be persuaded to take up arms, they are a significant force.

Steelguard Akal Blumasian seems to be more approachable than the other Escari leaders and is willing to receive representatives of the Resistance. So far no agreements have been made on anything, but the fact that he is willing to talk and not just kill on sight is something that can be used in the future.

Sindala has returned to the Wastes. She is greatly concerned by the amount of cultist and demon activity at the recent talks in Drengfold and has rallied many of the Wasters into action, sending them out to investigate sites of relevance in the Wastes. If they discover anything they will freely share this knowledge with the Resistance amongst others. Despite everyones differences in the world, Sindala feels everyone should combat the threat of demons and Vakivalta.

Sheik Cisneros, Rusado and Mother Bernita, the talks seem to have worked and for now they have set their differences aside. Sheik Cisneros is restructuring El Kebir, removing the last traces of Escari occupation. The other two are in discussion of what to do next.

Gentle Light of Stars was last seen heading back towards the Wastes. His nature and his actions at the recent summit have made him of great interest to several different parties including the Resistance. Lady Fiorella’s spies will be looking out for him, trying to locate him and determine what he is up to.

The whereabouts of the Sacredos of Anbay is unknown. After the dramatic events at the end of the recent summit, he disappeared. He is no longer amongst the people of the Felidi Legion but his old friend Legate Castus would dearly like to know where he is and to see if he can account for his actions.

Consul Aurelia has walked the city of Mirandola and is discovering that history repeats itself. While Captain Dominico has done a lot of work to keep people safe and provide for their needs, he is just like Legate Castus, a military man first and foremost. She has rolled up her sleeves and already put in several petitions with Dominico including the fixing of several aqueducts and wells to improve water supply and quality, the clearing out of the mages college to be turned into a school for the young of both Mirandola and the Legion and for the Tavari residence to be cleaned up and turned into a hospital (Much to the chagrin of Phillippe!)

Quiama is still known to be in Castann. Her presence has proven to be fairly innocuous and unobtrusive so far. But those that have encountered her know she is up to something.

Borvok has not been seen for some time now

Vandria and Dis have made their plan known to the priests of the Accord now. They have come together, Dis taking the power and worship that was once Niefel’s as his own, increasing his power and influence. Supported by Vandria, herself already more powerful due to the Eternum Pallio, they make a very powerful start to a new pantheon. Now they seek to discover which other Guardians are alive and who would be willing to join them. Through the Resistance they know of Chiyala, Borvok and Ashina, seeking to get in contact with them. They are also aware of Clymenia, Mawganth, Udaron and Trivia all having been encountered but are less sure of their motivations and intentions. They have leads on several other guardians should the Resistance wish to follow any of these up. They have leads on Svetovid (Cinnean Diviner, Guardian of Peace), Aotahi (Castann Guardian of Day and Light), Anaye the Tarantula (Delver Guardian of Monsters and he Unloved) and Fate (Archipelago Guardian). They would also like to know for sure which Guardians are dead. This would allow living Guardians to seize those domains, increasing their power in this world.

Oba Whanui has retreated with a few hundred survivors back to Kinga Redoubt. The Castann army is gone and she and the other survivors are injured and disheartened. It will be sometime before Castann is in a position to aid the free world again and they will need help and encouragement. Kinitanga and Attoa both fell during the ambush. Tamahine was not at Castann City and yet lives amongst the free Castanni, trying her best to instil hope in the people.

The Sleepless Eyes have not been heard from since the Blackcoats joined the Resistance.

The Delvings forest spirits seem even more active and aggressive than normal. Delvers who have gotten close enough to try to calm them have been ignored but say the trees are muttering about hunting “the forest’s defilers”

Resistance cells in the Delvings are being attacked in a hit and run ambush by a small group of currently unknown assailants. The attacks are focused in the deep forest cells. Some of which are well hidden to the point Delvers have had difficulty locating them.

The Drengan Resistance Cell is working on laying the groundwork for an all out assault on Valkyrie Point. They are mapping the area, collecting information on the Escari and Scourge forces, laying in stores of weapons and ingredients etc…

Shujin have been as mysterious as ever. Taishi No Ji has headed for Vara’s Bounty and a force of Shujin warriors have taken to the surface for the first time in memory. Around 1000 Shujin warriors stand at Mestreeh with Clymenia, a worrying and puzzling development.

The Black Rock have declared themselves an independent state under the leadership of a man calling himself Shankar. No one really knows where he came from or why he was in there, but it would seem he has emerged as the top dog in the former prison island. He has instigated trade with the Escari in Sauropsida and the Archipelago through Dimeti. What the Black Rock has to trade is unknown.