The Accord of Nations

600 Years Ago – Felidi domination

According to legend, Annata emerges from a civil war in Cinnea. Along with a hundred and forty-four of her followers she sacrifices herself in a great ritual that brings water bursting from the earth and fertility to the land.
The Felidi Empire invades and conquers most of the continent. Humans are kept as slaves and suffer unspeakable cruelty.
Felidi domination is total across the areas that will become Cinnea, Ilac, The Duchy of Archion, The Eyrie, Archipelago and most of Drengfold.

1st Century A.V. (After Varrus) – The Rise of the Humans

Building begins on Ilac as an administrative capital for the Felidi Empire.
Under the leadership of Varrus the One-handed the humans of Ilac rise up and begin a revolution from the new city.
Through the work of Varrus and Vahro of Cinnea, Cinnea and Ilac agree to an alliance against the Felidi
Empire. Some refer to this as the first signing of the Accord of Nations. Cinnea and Ilac become respectively known as the Mother and Father of the Accord.
The Human-Felidi war, lasting around 30 years.
Drengfold founded in the south by an expedition from Ilac.
The new nation of Drengfold along with Cinnea, Ilac and the Eyrie sign the first official Accord of Nations to combat the Felidi.
The war is ended when the Accord of Nations defeat the Felidi Empire, wiping them out almost to the point of extinction.
Sauropsida and Shujin are discovered but remain isolated from the rest of the world.

2nd Century A.V. – The Kahl war

A bitter war begins between Drengfold and The Delvings.
Ilac and Cinnea go to war with Sauropsida in a fruitless campaign of expansion as hordes of Saurans successfully defend their desert borders.
The western kingdom of Kahl invades Cinnea. The primitive Castann join their banner, as do The Delvings. In exchange for troops to throw against Drengfold, Delver scouts lead the armies of Kahl much deeper into Cinnean territory.
Ilac and Cinnean armies withdraw from Sauropsida and march to Darkfire Keep.
The war with Kahl causes destruction and havoc across most of Cinnea. At the siege of Darkfire Keep, Cinnean ritualists unleash a terrible ritual, wiping out the cream of the Kahl army. They withdraw westwards.

3rd Century A.V. – The Age of Enlightenment

A great evil is identified in the west. The defeated kingdom of Kahl begin worship of a dark devil of Felidi origin called Vakivalta. The land is racked by earthquakes, tempests and volcanic eruptions.
Enlightenment. Visions strike prophets across the land as the supposed gods of each culture appear to them. Religion changes across the nations as what were believed to be gods are recognised as ‘Guardians’,
servants of a higher power called Elder. A new unity sweeps the Accord as different religions come together in worship, though some stay entrenched in their beliefs.
As the devil-army of Kahl bursts from its borders, Elder intervenes. The god unleashes a massive holy bombardment on the kingdom of Kahl, destroying the evil that dwells there but
changing the land and people forever. Kahl becomes known as the Wastes.
Fallout from the bombardment warps a large number of Kahl, turning them into misshapen creatures that become known as Wasters.

4th Century A.V. – Sea-borne Invasion

Sauropsida opens its borders to the world.
The first solitary Shujin venture above the waves to travel the Accord nations.
A massive invasion fleet lands on the coast of Cinnea. Archipelago are paid-off to keep quiet and aid the invaders logistically.
The Delvings and Sauropsida sign the Accord of Nations
The largest army in history is assembled to fight the invaders.
A messenger from the mysterious Shujin arrives in Ilac bearing a copy of the Accord of Nations signed by the Shujin Empress, Umiko. A seat is prepared for the Shujin at the Council of the Accord, though it has ever remained empty.
While the invasion fleet is anchored off the Cinnean coast a multitude of great and small sea creatures destroy all the ships, leaving the army stranded. The disciplined army form a formidable beachhead,
reinforcing with troops from the Archipelago and even employing local mercenaries.
Fighting lasts for several years before a peace agreement is reached and the invaders sign the Accord as a new nation, the Duchy of Archion. The Archipelago sign the Accord the same year.

5th Century A.V. – The Age of Prosperity

Following the Ilac discovery of metal deposits in its mountains, Castann emerges from its primitive ways forming a nation that joins the Accord. There follows a savage civil war in Castann.
The Wasters rebuild their nation to the point where they join the Accord of Nations.
Ignited by the Saurans, there is a surge in the pursuit of knowledge.
The Great Oracle, Tamahiné, emerges from obscurity and brings peace to the warring Castanni clans.
Following some tensions between various nations of the Accord borders are defined, agreed upon and signed into law.

10 years ago to present day – Scourge Invasion

The Scourge invade from beneath the ground. The Accord of Nations is near destroyed as most of the population are killed, the remainder are enslaved and branded with a magic-suppressing tattoo. Ilac city burns.
The Escari emerge behind the Scourge to become overseers across the land. The massive slave camps are built near Udar Fell and huge numbers of survivors of the invasion are marched into servitude.
The slaves begin mining a rare mineral called Petrum.
Law and order break down in various nations.
Resistance movements spring up but most are dealt with by the invaders with utmost savagery. Only the most cunning survive.