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Who tells your Story?
Banquet – April 5-7 2019, Ratlingate Scout CentreBooking Form

Fae and demon cultists alike are converging on the breach at Oracle Mount and the activity has also drawn the attention of the Ocelotopec, the ruthless tribesfolk in the North.

There are two dire warnings that lead to this place and this moment: One carried from the future, warning of the destruction of the Accord by The Dragon Prince, Serpenterra. One gleaned from the Stones of Atain, that the Demons of Vakivalta seek to free themselves from their prison by exchanging places with captured Guardian souls.

Castann, once again, finds itself on the battlelines, however there is little more hardship the once proud nation can take.

The Wardens have made camp near the base of Oracle Mount, joined by the Knights of Camelot and the followers of Clymenia, Tawhaki and Aotahi who have continued to hold the breach for nearly a year.

The Remembered and the Gifted of Dasura are also present but camped elsewhere to ease bubbling internal tensions within the alliance.

The orders are simple: Protect the Accord at all costs. Can the Wardens of the Accord avert two dire prophecies? Will the alliance survive the battle or collapse before the battle horns sound?

Who will live to tell the Story?

Unnamed Banquet
Banquet – August 30 – September 1 2019, Ratlingate Scout Centre

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