The Council of Wardens

The Council of Wardens, having been formed in the year 468AV, is still a new concept. The intention is that the Council enables all member nations to work together for their mutual benefit with a unified group maintaining peace and order: the Wardens.


The Wardens shall be governed by a Council made up of an elected body of people chosen from amongst their ranks.

The Wardens will endeavour to have representatives from every member nation of the Accord, but will not guarantee it.

The Laws of the Council cover every member nation. Wardens may surpass local law where necessary, but Wardens must be able to provide reason to affected nations as to why they acted contrary to local law.

Wardens will endeavour to respect the laws and customs of the different member nations.

Each member nation agrees not to go to war with the other member nations.

Each member nation pledges to provide reasonable aid to the Wardens when called upon to do so.

Issues with Wardens can be taken to the Council to be investigated.

Powers of the Wardens

Those who serve as Wardens have the following powers:

  • Right of free travel, to cross freely through all borders of the Accord Nations.
  • Right of Representation, to be able to speak in part on behalf of the Accord when dealing with foreign powers.
  • Right of Access, to enter property and locations deemed necessary to their investigation.
  • Right of Interrogation, to question people and demand answers to pertinent information in their investigation.
  • Right of Detaining, to detain an individual and have them collected by other Wardens for questioning or trial.
  • Right to use Reasonable Force, to protect themselves in the line of duty. To subdue criminals and to kill when no other option is presented.

Wardens must enforce the Laws of the Council and abide by all local and Council laws. Those who commit crimes will be subject to punishment as per the following:

  • The council will be solely responsible in dealing with Warden’s who commit crimes. In some special cases, jurisdiction will be handed to a local authority with a Warden Council witness present.
  • Warden punishments include Suspension and Dismissal, Jail sentences, magic binding and death.
  • Wardens awaiting trial forfeit authority and may only travel or take action under aegis of another warden who agrees to take responsibility for their actions.

Signatories of the Accord for the Wardens Formation

  • Generals Cassia, Germanus and Lucius of the Ilac Military Council.
  • King Gaius Aquilanus Varrus, Ruler of Ilac
  • Duke Phillippe Alfonso Lazzaro Tavari, Ruler of the Duchy of Archion
  • Captain Dominico Ottavio Ramano Di Mirandola, Governor of Mirandola and former leader of the Resistance
  • Drottning Gegna Olkur, Ruler of Drengfold
  • Steelguard Akal Blumasian, Commander of the Wolves of Wepawet
  • Sindala of the White Lilly Oasis, Ambassador for the Wastes
  • Corwin, on behalf of Lorenzo Santini de Kanu, Doge of the Kanu Nation
  • Trax, Ambassador for the Delvings
  • Margaret ‘Mags’ O’Toole on behalf of Cinnea
  • Praetor Praesidio of Sauropsida
  • Taishi No Ji on Behalf of Empress Umiko, Ruler of Shujin
  • Firaxion, Webweaver of the Theridion Collective