Duchy of Archion

Archion was an advanced city state in its prime. The great city of Novella was a hub for commerce, fashion and flair. Its abundance of cotton and silk combined with a large amount of indigenous plants perfect for making dyes made it a bustling city of colour and frivolity. The Tavari line has ruled Archion since before its founding, first as the military commanders of an invading fleet and then as Dukes and Duchess’ succeeding their parents to become the new rulers. They wielded great power but their line did have a tendency towards frivolity and ceremony. This became evident in their traditions and the general culture and attitude of the peoples of Archion. The symbol for Archion is the rose. Thought to have derived from the plants used to produce the multitude of dyes in Archion, the rose has become the official symbol used by the Duchy of Archion on flags, in court and on all legal documentation.