History of the Scourge Invasion

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The Accord of Nations is an alliance of eleven city-states whose leaders have signed an ancient treaty, binding them together in fate. Once they were a mighty power in the region. Today they are slaves to the Scourge, overseen by their canine allies, the Escari.
On the darkest day of the Invasion the people of the capital, Ilac, were massacred, the city burned. Survivors from across the continent became slaves, and The Escari set them to work gathering food or working to their deaths in a massive mine on Ilac land. They dig for a green mineral known as Petrum. It is extremely rare, and to date only a few small veins have been found. For what purpose the Scourge seek this mineral is unknown.
At the height of the invasion when the battle hung in the balance, hundreds of priests gathered in the Basilica Annata in Ilac to perform a day-long holy ritual. As the sun rose on the second day it brought with it an army of revered Guardians, servants of their god, The Elder. They fell on the Scourge like an avalanche from a holy mountain. Fired by righteous fury they rent great holes in the enemy swarm, slaying thousands. The Scourge seemed endless as they filled the gaps created and as the sun set they unleashed the Butchers of Ilac – their invincible Reapers. To the horror of all witnesses, in a moment that would echo down the ages, the Castanni Guardian, Foi Mata, fell, her body swarmed over by the Scourge. Then followed Drengfold’s Guardian, Jotan, the Reapers dragging him down, and one by one the objects of the Accord nation’s worship were brought low. The Angels fell.
The Scourge continued its advance across the land, enveloping every nation of the Accord. The fight continued for days, weeks, even months as armies stood their ground or castles settled in for siege, but the spirit of the Accord of Nations was broken. As the leaders of the city-states were picked off, surrender became more commonplace. Soon all was lost and the survivors awoke to very different world – one without leadership. One without freedom. And it has been this way for ten long years.
Millions perished in the invasion. Some cultures still survive on the fringes of the land or in underground resistance movements, but most of the remainder now live beneath the Escari lash. The Scourge domination of life here is near total. Magic, religion, engineering, ship-building, weapons, public-speaking, any sort of celebration – all are banned and any violations are savagely dealt with. The Escari see that every citizen in this once proud land is branded with a magic-suppressing tattoo, even newborn children. Those most powerful of mages are ‘Bound’ with a controlling collar and leash, and now serve their enemies against their will. Any dead slaves are dragged from their loved ones beneath the earth to a fate unknown. No neighbouring nation or kingdom has dared aid the Accord by attacking the Scourge for fear of annihilation. They lost great swathes of land to them and accepted large numbers of refugees at the time of the Invasion. Since then barely any have crossed their borders.
‘Resistance’ has 11 different cultures to play which may increase as the game progresses. Play begins with an ‘Origins’ story for each party, then in the slave camps of Ilac. The players must find a way to escape, to cast off the yoke of The Scourge, and start down the path of Resistance.
Its cultures, its people, its Gods – the very existence of the Accord of Nations is at stake.