The Cuckoo’s Nest is a LRP society based in Glasgow, though it has members across Scotland. As it is a society, it has a Committee who oversee things, and everything is done by members and for members.

The Committee is elected at our AGM (or at EGMs as required), and has five positions – currently filled as below. Each Committee member remains on the Committee until challenged by another member or until they choose to step down.

  • President: Cat Bechtel
  • Secretary/Treasurer: Jez Poppenbeck
  • Games Convener: Lee Mitton
  • Props Convener: vacant
  • Publicity Convener: David “Yoda” Odie

You can contact the Committee at [email protected]

Game dates are organised by the Games Convener (see our Facebook community for dates), and run by the GM(s) for the Adventure/Banquet. Anyone with an idea can volunteer to write and run an Adventure, though story and plot aspects may need approval from the Setting team.

The rules are maintained by the rules team (a separate entity from the Committee) and they can be contacted at [email protected]

You can contact the plot team at [email protected]