Laws of the Council

The following laws are considered to hold in every nation of the Accord of Nations.

The Accord is recognised as the nations of Castann, Ilac, The Wastes, Sauropsida, Shujin, Cinnea, The Delvings, Drengfold, The Duchy of Archion and those parts of The Archipelago under Kanu rule.

The laws extend to all sentient mortal beings of the Accord including but not limited to Humans, Felidi, Saurans, Undead, Shujin, Escari and Theridions.

  1. Murder is illegal. Murder is defined as the killing of an Accord citizen who has committed no crime. It is also considered murder when a criminal is given no chance to surrender to the custody of the Wardens. Wardens are given the power to kill when necessary, but to bring back to trial where possible.
  2. Theft of Property is illegal.
  3. Destruction of Property is illegal.
  4. Assault or Causing Serious Bodily Harm is illegal.
  5. Enacting the will of another being (Guardian, Demon, Fae, etc..) through free will that brings others to harm is illegal. No worship will be punished unless it actively poses a threat to citizens of the Accord.
  6. Slavery is illegal.

These laws and local laws will be enforced by the Wardens of the Council.


Ilac lists an exception to the laws stated above when it comes to their King and the Red Guard. If the King mandates no access, then this stands as law.