A race remarkable for its cat-like features, The Felidi Empire ruled the entire continent centuries ago, the strength of their legions unmatched and their regime highly organized. They were the first race to discover and learn to use magic – it is said it runs through their very veins. The most accomplished mage among them was crowned Dictator, and they worshipped a foul God, a devil named Vakivalta, to whom strength ruled above all and mercy and compassion were anathema.

Centuries ago the rise of the humans saw their empire shattered after a long and gruelling war, culminating in a pogrom of Felidi. Their religion banned and legions annihilated, they were scattered to the winds and began a nomadic existence. They became experts at living off of the
land, often following the paths of the huge animal herds from which they now subsisted. They carried their age-old customs and traditions with them and some say their haughty pride. Their magic and martial traditions persisted and as the decades passed it became common to see a single Felidi in a nation’s court, hired for their exceptional abilities and sometimes even rising to positions of power.

When the Invasion struck the traveling Felidi prides went where they could to escape. They knew the land well from their travels, its hiding places and hidden trails. Those in the country fared well, many trudging south to the mountains of Drengfold and The Delvings. Those in the cities were not so lucky, suffering the same fate as the rest of the citizens.
The Felidi find themselves persecuted and enslaved at every turn and many have fled across the ocean to lands unknown, starting afresh, away from their tormentors. Those that have stayed behind increasingly congregate in mountain havens. This has led to a larger concentration of Felidi than has existed in a long time, and recently more Felidi litters have been born than ever before. Occasionally rumour trickles down that a lost Legion has been reformed in the mountainous Drengfold lands.