Before the Age of Enlightenment each culture followed its own gods and goddesses and worshipped them in their own way. When the defeated kingdom of Khal to the West began widespread worship of a Devil named Vakivalta, heralding mass blood sacrifices and a breakdown in social morality, even nature seemed outraged.

Earthquakes and tempests rocked the land. Udar Fell erupted sending Ilac into months of darkness and ash. It was as the devil-army of Khal poured from its borders that a true god of this world made its presence known.

In 303 A.V. the religious leaders and prophets of all nations were visited by their “Gods”, some in dreams, some in person. They revealed their role as Seraphs or Guardians to a higher power, “the Only God”, Elder, and that its power would soon be witnessed. They imparted that Elder admired the qualities of Hope, Unity and Strength above all, and that espousing these would lead to a purer soul.


When someone dies it is believed Death escorts them to the Court of Souls where they are judged on their life’s deeds. The outcome of this court determines what form they take in the Crucible, the plane upon which Gods and Devils walk, where paradise and hell eternally battle for supremacy over mortal souls. On this plane some fight, others build and love. It is said even a soul can die here, but what happens beyond that is a mystery to all.

The Fall of the Angels

All seemed lost as the Scourge laid siege to Ilac. Following a holy ritual by the priests of the Accord in which many of them died, the Guardians of Elder came forth from the land and skies and made war upon the Scourge. They fought with righteous fury, their divine light visible for miles around. They slew thousands of the enemy, but one by one, and to the horror of Ilac’s defenders, the Guardians of Elder were overcome and Ilac’s walls fell.

Worship of Elder and its Guardians has dropped significantly since this event, and what has become of these demigods is unclear. Were they captured? Or even killed? Or have they returned to the Crucible once more to defend Elder?

After the defeat of the Scourge and Vakivalta’s priests, Elderism is once again on the rise, but it is becoming apparent that a number of Guardians are indeed dead and other Guardians are stepping up to take on the slack where they must.

Demons and other Gods

Although Elderism is the most common religion in the Accord nations there are some peoples that cling to very different beliefs. The inhabitants of the De Costa islands in the Archipelago for example do not believe in Elder. Instead they worship their ancestors, communicating with them in the Crucible, even raising them from the dead. The Saurans of Sauropsida do not worship any god at all. Who the Shujin worship is a mystery. And of course there are some that still cling to the belief that their Guardians are the true gods.

There are also those that worship shadow, devils and demons – those that seek a place by their side in the Crucible. Or even summon them to this plane to wreak havoc. Some are shadowy cults dwelling in the underworlds of society, or even in the slave camps, preying on the weak. Others are more open, decrying the Fall of the Angels as a sign of Elder’s weakness. During the Scourge occupation, the priesthood of Elder were banned, but the priests remained and were are often asked, while the Escari guards are not looking, if these cults are correct. Now that the priesthood of Vakivalta have been defeated, their numbers are lessening.