The Cuckoo’s Nest takes place in a fantasy world where magic flows freely and not all sentient creatures are human or even humanoid.

Having freed the world from the threat of the Scourge, defeated the servants of Vakivalta trying to engulf the world in darkness, and stopped the plans of the rogue Kanu, the Resistance found that they were lacking in things to resist and have persuaded most of the nations that once made up the Accord of Nations to come together as a Council of the Known World.

The Council, having been formed in the year 468AV, is still a new concept and not all nations are as agreeable to the concept as others. The intention is that the Council allows all member nations to work together for their mutual benefit. Local laws take precedence over Council laws, and all laws are to be enforced by the Wardens of the Council.

As well as the information within the setting pages, there are also a number of story updates which have been created by the plot team as they run adventures.