The Wardens

The Wardens are the enforcers of the Council’s laws.

Council of Wardens

The Wardens shall be governed by a Council made up of an elected body of people chosen from amongst their ranks.

The Wardens will endeavour to have representatives from every member nation of the Accord, but will not guarantee it.

The Laws of the Council cover every member nation. Wardens may surpass local law where necessary, but Wardens must be able to provide reason to affected nations as to why they acted contrary to local law.

Wardens will endeavour to respect the laws and customs of the different member nations.

Each member nation agrees not to go to war with the other member nations.

Each member nation pledges to provide reasonable aid to the Wardens when called upon to do so.

Issues with Wardens can be taken to the Council to be investigated.

The Accord is recognised as the nations of Castann, Ilac, The Wastes, Sauropsida, Shujin, Cinnea, The Delvings, Drengfold, The Duchy of Archion, and those parts of the Archipelago under Kanu rule. The laws of the Accord extend to all sentient mortal beings of the Accord including but not limited to Humans, Felidi, Saurans, Undead, Shujin, Escari, and Theridion.