Social Contract

All members of the Cuckoo’s Nest and all other participants in activities run by the Nest are expected to follow the following social contract. While not strictly rules, deviance from this social contract can lead to sanction and exclusion from Cuckoo’s Nest events.

  1. The society aims to be non-discriminatory in as many ways as possible. Please refrain from discriminating against any other member of the society in any way.
  2. It is expected that as well as playing adventures and banquets run by the society, members will also contribute towards the society in an active way, whether through monstering adventures, writing, acting as a GM, or otherwise assisting in whatever way they can. No member of the society will be expected to contribute in a way that they are uncomfortable with. It is expected that members will support at least as many adventures as they play, and should be conscious of allowing others to fulfill their playing/supporting roles.
  3. Plot for all banquets and adventures falls under the purview of the GM for said plot. This means any and all rules calls and plot decisions made by the GM are final. It is expected all participants will accept this, and will not argue with said decisions.
  4. Any and all events run by the Cuckoo’s Nest should be designed with the accessibility of the expected participants in mind and any high or low combat plot should be flagged accordingly.

The tl;dr version:

  1. Don’t be mean to anyone
  2. Help out the society where you can in a way that works for you
  3. Don’t argue with GMs
  4. Events should be accessible for all participants

As all of our GMs, Committee members, plot team, rules team, and other assistants are volunteers, we further ask that this is kept in mind when communicating with them. Real life can have a toll on anyone’s availability to fulfill a role, and our volunteers should not be expected to have an immediate response to queries, nor to immediately respond to emails.