Drengfold is a harsh land that has bred a harsh people. It is a land of hills and valleys, a land of dense treacherous forests and deep dark caves. Cold wet summers and icy winters make it a bleak landscape. But if you look, you will find honour, wisdom and above all else, courage. Drengfold means “Noble World” in the old Drengan tongue. It is the South-East province in the Accord of Nations, ruled over by the city of Valdspak (Wise Wolf in old Drengan). The conditions are harsh in this region, the cold and wet making agriculture difficult. What the land lacks in farmland, they make up for in minerals and ore. It is said that more than half the world’s iron originated in the hills around Drengfold. The people may seem harsh or crude to outsiders but they are loyal, dedicated and loving people, even if they do not always show it. The Drengans pride themselves on tradition and this is most evident in their great festivals. In a land that does not give much, festivals bring people together and show that they are still alive.

Drengfold has taken the symbol of the mountain as its own, displayed on flags and seals to represent the fierce Drengan nation. Most often it is displayed behind an individual house symbol, for example, House Bru is a drinking horn on a mountain.