This once highly-populated city occupies both sides of an inlet known as the Sauran Strait. Many spectacular bridges span its width which would open, rise, fall or rotate to let tall ships in and out – Saurans have a well-earned reputation for unconventional thinking and innovative engineering. Not only is the city split by the Strait but also by that above and below sea level. Beneath the waves lies a mysterious city of sea-people known as Shujin.

The Shujin are the believed to be the oldest race in the known world. Rarely involved with those on the land and protected by the ocean above them this disciplined society has faced few threats.

The Saurans origins are unknown though there are many theories. Cold-blooded, they thrive in the sun-drenched coast. Their land used to be death to outsiders before a Sauran Principal, in the 4th century A.V. decided to open the gates and let his people spread throughout the land, learning all they could.
Sauropsida was particularly hard hit by the Invasion. The Scourge and their Escari slaves erupted directly beneath their wonder of a city and nothing short of genocide ensued. It is estimated around a million Saurans were massacred here, including all the leading families and the Sauran Principal. The shipyards were burned, as was the formidable Sauran fleet which constituted most of the Accord navy. Most of the surviving population were taken to Ilac in great wagons to work the mines digging for their precious Petrum. Shujin itself has escaped any attack by the Scourge, although a few unlucky travellers have been captured to work the mines.

Sauropsida is now a shell of a city. A few scattered families eke out a living within its ruins, marked by the ubiquitous magic-suppressing tattoos, and subject to the whims of their cruel Escari masters. Most of the remaining Sauran population are slaves in what was Ilac. There is no Sauran resistance in Sauropsida. Not one Shujin has left the waves since the Invasion.