The default choice, but differing in attitude, culture, and appearance depending on which of the nations they hail from.


Dog-people. Servants of the Scourge. Not currently playable.


Cat-people. Once-conquerors of the continent, they held rein over the entirety of what is now known of the Accord of Nations until they were overthrown by a human uprising. Now they are much fewer than they once were and old prejudices can run deep.


Lizard-people. They largely keep to the deserts of Sauropsida and the Wastes, more comfortable in the heat than the more temperate climates of the Accord.


Fish-people. They have a mysterious underwater kingdom, and are believed to have powerful magicians and ritualists. They were largely unaffected by the Scourge invasion.

Ilac Undead

The dead of Ilac, reborn into their flesh after death following the sacrifice of Anata. Their rebirth came with some side effects including a need to consume blood to retain their sanity.


The hellish creatures who rose up from underground and conquered the continent. Not a playable race.


Mysterious creatures with great power. Not a playable race.


Servants of Vakivalta. Not a playable race.