The Delvings

The Delvings are a number of closely-linked village-fortresses which together form the most southerly of the nations of the Accord. Most of the territory that forms the Delvings is covered in snow 4-5 months of the year, and the Delvings themselves are almost entirely underground, with houses and passageways cut cunningly into the rock, and several hidden entrances. Only an expert can hope to find the entrance to a Delving without knowing precisely where it is. Being underground both allows life in the Delvings to go on as normal even when there is 3ft of snow overhead, and allows unprecedented security and safety for the inhabitants.

They are located in great forests of enormous trees of ebon-black and snow-white wood, where the creatures grow to enormous size to help withstand the cold. The forests are haunted by wolves as large as a man, bears said to grow to nine or ten feet tall, and even trolls.