What Have You Done? – December 468AV (1/3)

The sentries squeaked when Swift bolted towards the enclave screaming for a healer. They hadn’t expected him to be back so soon as he had only just gone looking for their guests but they sounded the call to the rest of Rhyming Court.

A few moments later three figures staggered into view. The golden robed Nobilis, with the weight of a stranger slung over his shoulder and the Figment fretting about the injuries on the stranger’s back were known to them. They did realise one of their number was absent.

“Swift, if we may enquire, has Guide met a fate most dire?”

Swift shrugged.

“She is not here, her fate less so clear. If by her virtue she has paid the price, it has been through noble sacrifice.”

The healer reached the entrance just as the group arrived. The Nobilis thrusting the weight of their companion at the waiting sentries and continued to stride inside the enclave with a look to the healer that said ‘pray he does not die in your care’.

The Figment called after the Nobilis in frustration. “Enigma, come back, don’t you want to make sure Apex is going to be ok?”

He didn’t stop or even acknowledge her. The other fae looked at her questioningly. “He hasn’t spoken other than to spell cast the last 3 days. We had to walk here from the Ghosts…slowly. Got a few run ins with the Infernus Blades. He completely forgot we should be trying not to kill them, rather he tore them apart.”

“Not kill the Blades? But Missive, I thought their corpses demons made?” one guard asked.

“Yes, but it seems the demon goes back to the Well with the soul and has been tainting it. It explains why they are being so reckless with their numbers.” she replied “This is Apex, he was part of the old Forgotten command structure with us but he’s been bound to one of the greater spirits of the Delvings for nearly a year now. Mortal physicianing freed him but he’s not responding to further healing and is still very weak.”

The healer nodded and beckoned for those now supporting Apex to follow them down a passage. Missive followed the path Enigma had taken.

The other Fae looked to her fearfully and pointed the direction Enigma had stormed off in. She found him alone at a dead end, staring into a pool of water. He did not react to her presence but was certain he knew she was there.

“Enigma, I understand, I do, but these people have been kind enough to take us in and help us since we lost Sanctuary. You are scaring them and well…just being downright rude!”

He continued to ignore her. Missive approached cautiously.

“I know things weren’t always great between you, but I know Guide was your closest friend. What she did she did to protect you, and the mortals and all of us. She has been dealing with that thing in her mind for months, she has managed to control it so far. We can –”

“It’s me” he said quietly

Missive blinked in surprise. He gestured to the pool. She looked into the water and saw Enigma’s reflection wore his robes and crown but his face was a red and gold scaled lizard – Sauren, perhaps?- and his hands were sharp taloned claws.

“I’ve never looked at my reflection properly, never understood why. I assume this was also part of the Storyteller’s game.” he said anger starting to rise in his voice. Missive took a step back.

“It shared some of it’s – my – memory with me. Serpenterra, Guide and I are all fragments of the same soul. She was separated from us originally, but when the mortals saved her from the curse I laid on her in exile, Storyteller rebound her to us. It was meant to stay dormant and forgotten though. That stupid knight Guide met in the Wastes woke Serpenterra up when he read our Dreamstone.” Missive could feel fire building in him. Enigma shouldn’t be generating fire. And when he does…she retreated to the entrance and kept her talisman in hand just in case.

“Wait, you mean that…”


Enigma gestured and a small of flame leapt from his hand in to the water filling the cavern with steam. Missive nodded.

He turned to her trying to look in control.

“As far as we know, Guide is lost to us. We have ourselves, Toxin, Apex if he pulls through, the Rhyming Court and a handful of survivors from Sanctuary. It’s not an army, but saving our people from whatever Overseer is now is our priority.”

“The mortals should still be willing to help, they are working with demons and striking in the human lands now, its as much as their fight as ours.” Missive added. “’Look to the mortal’s you inspire’, Guide always said. She’d want them to help.”

Enigma stalked over to her, barely contained rage glowing in his eyes.

“They do not care about us, Missive. They do not care about Guide. They care only for themselves they’ve shown us that enough times.”

“Perhaps…” another voice added “But I do know they want to deal with Overseer.”

A familiar formless shape made herself visible with a knife point just beneath Enigma’s throat.

“Spite” Missive breathed. It was nearly sunset and Spite’s other hand was empty.

“Don’t worry Enigma, my revenge on you wont come today.”

“How much did you hear, Spite,” He said

“Enough to know you’ve let my sister be taken hostage by the thing that claims to be her grandfather. As you now do too.” she said “But that is a fight for another day. I have a standing agreement with the Mortals to destroy Overseer if called. I have reason for revenge.”

Enigma stood his ground. “That was my intention for releasing you in the first place”

The tip of her knife got closer and crackle of magic danced along the blade.

“Careful, I wouldn’t want an accident”

In a blink, Missive stood between the two trembling, the talisman falling from her hand.

“No! I..I.. am not having this v..v..violence. W..w..we are above this. W…w…we are all hurting for v…various r…reasons but this is not the t…time to be threatening to k…kill each other.”

There was a silence of a few long moments before Spite stepped back and lowered her blade.

“My quarrel is not with you youngling,” Spite said turning for the entrance. “Leave Overseer to me. He will cross the mortals soon enough. Then I’ll be back for you.”

Missive let out her breath.

“Well at least something has gone to plan.” Enigma grumbled. “If Camelot are not making a move then stopping whatever Serpenterra has planned should be our next concern. But we do not even know where they have gone. Oh, Guide what have you done.”

Missive sighed “If Serpenterra had taken you and left Guide. What would she do right now?”

“The same thing she has already done for me. The same thing we need to do now” He replied laughing bitterly at the absurdity of it “What she was always meant to do.”

Missive smiled realising he had finally figured it out. “Which is…”

“Save me from myself.”

World Effects

  • Players successfully discovered the identity of the being possessing Guide. She has now gone rogue. More on this in Aftermath 2
  • Players successfully freed Apex from Forest’s Fury. The spirit is not communicating with the Delves at present but there seems to be no other ill effects. Yet.
  • Spite has agreed with players to help deal with Overseer.
  • Enigma and Missive as a result will focus on saving Guide.