Changes in the Wind – September 468AV

Cualtli sat up with a start, not fear as such, more the jolt of excitement one gets when shown how everything clicks into place. 
“So you have seen it too,” cackled Tlazozoc.
“Finally, our time has come. No longer shall we empower Chac but let Ehactal have sway!”
The two Shamans began applying vivid colours to their skin. This was a momentous time for them as for several years now the Ocelotopec had been guided by the calming hand of Chac, stopping all major forays and promoting calm rationality. Now however, the visions showed that time had come for change. And significant change meant empowering Ehactal, the Primal whom these shamans spoke for. 
Less than half an hour later they emerged from their hut, painted in brightest blue and yellow, wearing the finest of beads and precious stones and wearing serious expressions. They strode with purpose towards the great central ziggurat. Ascending to the top and entering the temple there, they were greeted with a splendid array of colour. Shamans of every primal stood gathered around chatting. The red and purple of Zequic, the green and white of Hunahpu and the grey and orange of Xibalba all quietened as Cualtli and Tlazozoc arrived. 
“We see you have read the signs as well then,” started Tlazozoc, “Now is the time of great change. Let blood be brought forth to empower Ehactal, the wind!”
Each of the shamans dipped an array of vessels into their own font of blood, cups of bone and wood, bladders of boar and bowls of bronze all carried the powerful red liquid to the font of Ehactal. As they began pouring the contents into the font, raising it far above that of any other, Cualtli began to speak,
“Great lord Ehactal, who is the wind. We give you our power. Let the might of the Ocelotopec flow from us into you. Where once there was the calm of Chac, now let there be a great storm!”
On cue, a great wind started blowing and thunder clouds darkened the sky. Tlazozoc began chanting, her eyes rolling back in her head as Cualtli continued to speak.
“Ehactal, Primal of change, Primal of Adaptation and Primal of Erosion we ask that you erode our calm now. Let our people feel that the change is upon them. Let us adapt to these new times and go forth to new lands.”
Thunder rippled across the sky and the two shamans of Ehactal could feel the power of their newly empowered deity. The vestiges of Chac’s power faded and the Ocelotopec felt a new purpose guiding them.
“Gather the hunters!” cried Cualtli, “Send them North, South, East and West. Let us see what they find. Let us see where Ehactal’s change takes us, where our lands will expand to. Where we shall make another home.”

World Notes:

  • The Ocelotopec foreign nation that sits above Castann has become much more active. They have sent hunters south into Castann to test its defences and investigate the land. 
  • The storm that rages in the North for a few hours is big and visible to anyone who is in the northern parts of the Accord. Feel free to have seen it rapidly appear, blow strong winds and fierce thunderstorms for a while before dissipating just as rapidly.