Daughters of Mars (April 468 AV)

Again and again she saw the same thing. Slight variations but still, every time she looked to the future Carmenta saw the Resistance trapping Quiama. Her heart raced as she tried to see any outcome where she could be with her love once again. But it did not come to pass. She scrawled the last words of her prophecy down onto paper and realised she had to tell Quiama. Maybe the high priestess could find some way to avoid the inevitable? It sounded weak in her own head, but she had to try. She rolled the paper up and was about to leave when she heard the approach of footsteps. She was too late, the Resistance were here. She knew they would come yet she still tried to thwart their approach, sending her priest to turn them away. Why did she try to deny the inevitable? She was so conflicted. She knew she could change nothing yet still she tried. Love was confusing. The Resistance entered her tent and the rest became a blur, that is until the pain.
Her world became a nightmare of pain as her wrists were clamped cutting off her connection to her power, her connection to the future and her connection to what remained of her family. Her world closed in, no longer able to see the expanse of events across the Accord, she knew only that which was immediately around her. She felt gentle hands, lifting her to her feet, guiding her out into the night. One minute she was sat by a fire, warming herself in the cold night. The next she was in the shade of a tent, being fed soup from a spoon held by someone else. All the while, the voices around said things would be fine soon, things would return to normal. She could not tell how long the pain continued, how long she felt no connection to the world, it felt like an eternity.

The pain stopped. The world reappeared and her vision came back into focus. Someone was holding her hand. She looked up and a smile came across her face, tears pouring unashamedly from her eyes.
“Aegiria? Is it really you?”
Aegiria smiled, her own tears slipping from the corners of her eyes, “It is little sister. I’m here for you.” The Guardians embraced. Priests shuffled nervously in the background, pleased at the reunion, pleased to see Carmenta a little more of herself once again but fearful of what they would suffer for having bound her. Most of all though, they were in fear and awe of the sombre figure in the corner of the tent. The figure did not speak but waiting, motionless.
After a time, Aegiria broke the embrace, putting her hands on her sister’s shoulders she looked into her eyes, “We need to go home now. There is lots to be done. Dis is here to help us back to where we need to be. He has joined forces with Guardians from other pantheons. With Vandria, with Chiyala and Tadia and with Tawhaki and Aotahi.”
Carmenta nodded, getting to her feet, “Im ready. What do you need me to do?”
“Find dad.”