A Collective Sigh of Relief (April 468AV)

All across the Accord of Nations, tens of thousands of people watched the sky, praying that the sun remained. Two months ago, the sun stopped and night-time reigned for three days. Afterwards, the people learned that this was due to the second seal being broken. They learned that the High Priestess of Vakivalta, Quiama, was on a mission to break the third seal and bring demons and darkness to the world forever. All most people could do was pray and look to the sky.

Those that could help did. Armies marched, from Ilac, from Drengfold, from all over the Wastes and more. People forgot their own feuds, their own differences for a time as Felidi, Sauran, Shujin and Escari all came together to slow down the demon sorceress’ advance. Thousands died, giving those few heroes who had journeyed to the site of the third seal, time to prepare a trap.

The people watched, the people prayed and the people trembled in fear, waiting for the sky to darken forever. But it did not come to pass. The heroes of the Accord did it. Most people do not know what they did or how they managed it, but they stopped Quiama. The world is once again, safe from the great demon Vakivalta. Those who follow him broken and scattered to the corners of the Accord, hiding in the shadows once more. The world breathes a sigh of relief.