A New Order – December 468AV

The crowd murmured in disbelief as the announcement was made. Posters were being put up around the city as the Priscus made the announcement.
“It is time for change, time for action. For hundreds of years Eternitas has led our pantheon, strengthening Ilac and guiding our people. We thank her for all the work she has done. But now we have need of different leadership. We let Eternitas take a well earned rest as our patron Mars steps forth to take the lead. Mars has helped the legions of Ilac a great deal over the years. Mars has kept us going in some of the darkest times. Mars has kept the flame burning, lighting our way. Mars watched over our good king Gaius Aquilanus Varrus, seeing that he returned to us when the time was right. And now, Mars pledges to lead the Guardians of Ilac. He pledges to fight off our enemies and protect our friends. He promises vengeance against the Scourge, against the Escari and against the Demons that have ravaged our lands and our people. Join me, great citizens of Ilac in a cheer to the Crucible! Let our new Archangel hear your fervour and praise!”
Swept away by the Priscus words, the crowd began cheering. Similar cheers could be heard from gatherings around the city. Soon they combined into one mighty roar, the city of Ilac praising their new godly leader. A few voices started chanting Mars’ name to start with and it caught on. Tens of thousands of voices crying out “Mars Mars Mars” in unison. One nation united behind its saviour.

One hour later, the Priscus returned to the king in his castle at the centre of the city.
“It is done my liege,” she stated, bowing to him.
“I can feel it,” he stated, his face set in awe and fervour, “Ilac will once again shine bright. This day will make history.” 
“How goes the rest of your plans sire?” enquired the Priscus
“Excellent. The rebuilding of Dukada has commenced. There is now a garrison located at Toku, prepared to hold off the savages of the Northern tribes. Our march towards Paravel has begun, although we still need allies for that, I am confident they are coming. Mars believes he has a plan to close the rift atop Oracle Mount. Things are starting to go our way. All the Accord needed was strong leadership and a base of operations. With our efforts and the efforts of the Wardens, we can make the Accord greater than it ever was.”
The Priscus nodded and smiled. She liked seeing her king this happy and positive. It made her feel that everything would work out fine.

Artemis Clich rushed around his new lab like an eccentric madman. Years of thoughts on the bowl of Mars all burbled forth at once as he darted from experiment to experiment. He felt alive at last. Years hiding in a tower with a bowl hadn’t driven him mad, no sir, no siree. There was a small explosion from one of the bowls he had on the go. His face lit up as he stuck his face in to see what had happened. He quickly looked around his lab to make sure no one was watching (No one was, he was as usual, alone) then licked the contents. They said it wasn’t very scientific but you just couldn’t get a feel for something without employing all five senses. Smacking his lips he then made a few notes in chalk on the nearest wall. Experiment 42b unsuccessful, subject liable to explode. None of the tests had worked as yet, he still couldn’t get the bowl to produce enough blood to fill the aqueducts of the city. It only produced a very small amount at a time. Each time he had managed to expand on it there had been interesting side effects. But he felt he was making progress. Soon, he reckoned, soon he would be able to make it run a constant stream of blood and then he could awaken everyone! The children could run around and play once more, couples could be reunited and families could celebrate together. He wouldn’t rest until he made it happen.

Out of Character notes:

  • The primary Guardian of Ilac has shifted from Eternitas to Mars. She is slightly depowered and he is slightly empowered.
  • One legion of Ilac is now present in Sauropsida, rebuilding on the site of Dukada
  • One Legion of Ilac is now stationed at Toku in Castann. They have built defences facing the Ocelotopec in the North.
  • One Legion of Ilac has begun a march South towards Paravel in Cinnea where 10,000 Escari are holed up. They have sent runners and messages to all of the nations, asking for support in liberating Paravel from the Escari.
  • The Priesthood of Mars are working on a plan to close the demon breach atop Oracle Mount. This will be a mission opportunity at some point early next year
  • Work has begun on the bowl of Mars and the aqueducts of Ilac. So far without success but research takes time. Ilac are still working towards awakening the rest of the Mindless dead