Fear Not This Night – November 468AV

The storm was over and the sun now blazed over the crystal blue skies of the Wastes. Beside it though the firey bright stars could also be seen in the sky. There was a solemn silence over the oasis broken only by the sobs of the Castanni priestess who had borne witness to her guardian’s sacrifice. The itching and pain of Dasura’s Gift faded and a profound sense of inner strength began spread through the Wastes. Each looked to the stars in silent thanks knowing in their hearts what Rehua had done for them.

The starlight remained visible but dimmed until the end of the week following the sacrifice. At midnight the stars fell in a glorious cascade of light. It was then that those turned into the abominations known as the Gifted where freed from Dasura’s grasp. Some turned against the cultists that had gathered them, fighting, killing and dying in rage but their minds once again their own. Others fled into the deepest dunes of the Wastes.

Castann’s stars began to return one by one as the days passed, dimmer now but the omens show that she has taken her place in the Crucible and will watch over them as they once again begin to grow.

The news of the Guardian’s sacrifice begins to spread quickly and soon the quarantine on the Wastes has been lifted. Parts of the Cinnean border have also been freed from quarantine as no new cases of Swansong are being reported however there are some clusters of infected still in treatment and these few settlements remain in quarantine as a precaution.

World Notes:

  • All characters/NPC’s who are currently residents of the Wastes are now completely immune to Dasura’s Gift
  • All players on the last adventure received a blessing from Rehua on her passing. On your next adventure you will feel strengthened and invigorated. You will also have an additional physical resist for this adventure only.
  • Both plagues are over and the quarantines lifted.
  • The poor unfortunate souls that made it through to the end of the disease have gone off into the Wastes together.