Matters of Religion

The following documents are distributed across the Accord of Nations. Whether you have seen them or not is entirely up to yourselves.

From Falco Pollux, known as the Sacredos of Anbay: The Three Pillars of the Reformed Church of the Guardian Anbay.

From Julia Alecto, priestess of Dis, in response to the message from the Sacredos:

The Truth of Anbay ? He has given himself to demons.
He has acted as their agent corrupting the souls of Felidi.
He chose himself over the souls in his care.
He has served those who would break the chains and free the demons to ravage our world.
Anbay has not changed. There is no evidence for it.
He still draws on the power of demons, to call on him is to call down destruction on our world.
Those that seek to spread his worship are seeking to spread the influence of demons.
Nothing in the words stated in this pamphlet (referring to original pamphlet) states otherwise.

He who has called himself the new Sacrados and called those to follow has done so wearing armour made of demonic power.
Armour that was taken and broken by the Guardian the Spider Queen who he stated he had devoted himself to.
Armour in fragments then taken back and healed by a word from the demon tainted Anbey? the recipient? The one that seeks to spread the word that you should call on Anbey? Abbey who shows himself to willingly use and Grant demonic powers.
These are not the actions of one seeking to cleanse a guardian of the influence of demons. Not of a guardian seeking to be cleansed.
These are the actions of one with a lust for power from any source.
One willingingly embracing power from demonic sources that he claims to deny.

Pollux took up a weapon that was demonic, tried to keep it when others sought its destruction.
Willingly put on demonic armour, not just once in ignorance!
When it had been removed and broken he sought it out and healed it and donned it again!
He threatened to kill those that would separate him from them.
He was struck down and left for dead and did not die?
Why? How did he come to fall through a portal to the feet of a healer?
Still bound about with demonic armour?
A deal with a demon or one using demonic power is the only logical conclusion.
A Witnessed conclusion that he makes deals with demonic powers.

Do not listen to the one called Pollux.
Not a month before this he swore himself to follow another Guardian.
Whom he discarded as soon as greater power was offered to him.
He will try to sway you to follow that which is still tainted, that which will cause you to be corrupted.
Do not listen to the one called Pollux.

The first Pillar ?
Pollux has called other Filidi not Filidi enough, claimed that he is a purer strain.
Does this sound like one who is not bound up in the lie of racial purity? one who believes in family? helps others advance?
No it does not.

The second Pillar ?
He threatened those seeking to protect people from the influence of demons because it would lessen his own power.
Does this sound like defends those who cannot defend themselves? Who seeks justice?
No it does not.

The third Pillar?
Vengeance? Justice and vengeance are not the same thing. He hides his own wrongs and seeks that you be blind to them.
A sin that goes unpunished, what punishment for one who threatens those who seek to rid the world of demonic influence?
Banishment at the least? Imprisonment? what punishment for one who threatens your very soul if you listen?

I seek now only that you do not listen to the words of his false tounge.
If others seek him out to end the demonic influence he represents I ask only that you keep yourself safe and step aside.

For your souls and the spirits of your ancestors that may be under the influence of the corrupted Anbey there is still hope.
One who has risen to the power of a Guardian , Uniden
Once Ezra he spent his life and gave his life in sacrifice to hold the stones of Atain safe and free of corruption.
Uniden – Unity – Protection – a voice for those who cannot speak for themselves.

Julia Alecto, Priestess of Dis

From Vague Lucas Calivera Montoya, in response to the message from the Sacredos:

My name is Vague Lucas Calivera Montoya a Felidi hailing from the de costa islands.
I want you each to know me, know me for what I am. I am a ancestor worshiper, of your ancestors, of mine. Mine is the religion that connects everyone, everything.
We learn from past mistakes, vakiavelta? Abay? These lead our people almost into extinction, I refuse to let this to happen again.
The familia of the ancestral council has one goal, one only. The destruction of demons in any form, for hear me and know the truth… the real truth: Non of this matters; waring against each other, hate, lies? These feed the demons, it befits them. In the crucible there is a war, a Great War, Demons verses the elder.
I am on the side of the elder, my ancestors serve the elder and I serve my ancestors. Anything that hinders me in this helps the demons.
If the demons win? They will pour into our world and destroy it all.
So how do we stop this? Understanding, forgiveness and love. Love being the greatest of these three. For when the time comes for you to pass naturally to the plains of the dead, your experience and your wisdom that you gained will be used to fight the demon hoard.
These followers of demons what happens to them? There souls are corrupted… when they die, they become part of the demon hoard. These followers want to see our world destroyed. Do not stand by and allow this.
Familia, for that is what each of you are to me, race or creed I need you to Believe in yourself. Not in the you who believes in me. Not the me who believes in you. Believe in the you who believes in yourself. Do not let the demons take our world.
I vague Lucas Calivera Montoya will be heading to meet some Felidi who follow the ancestors to talk and learn from them.
I invite any who would want to hear what I have to say to join us.
I plan to ask my friend, Ezra to use his power to protect everyone during this rally. Please, help me to stop the demon taint.
Vague Lucas Calivera Montoya 
Avatar to the Ancestors.

Vague Lucas Calivera Montoya