Where Do We Go From Here – September 468AV

Three figures on a mountain top, one gold, one red, one grey.
Three figures on a mountain top, their paths have gone astray.
The bitter chill of the Heights cut through the three fae as they walked across the mountains. The Stennetbergs had been cold but the season was already turning here and the winter snows would come soon.

“Couldn’t you have found somewhere with shelter to path to?” Enigma said his beard almost white with the frost. “finding things is what you are good at after all”

“You said the Heights. The Heights are a big place. You had a path to give me a destination.” Guide muttered “You’ll have to wait until dawn or hope someone is feeling talkative if you want to go anywhere else today”

“Not to mention it’s cold up here” Enigma added

“We could have been in the Archipelago, this was your idea Enigma,” Missive said “Guide only did what you asked her to.”

“You were Pack Apex once, I’m sure that they taught you how to survive” Guide added “I think the Rhyming Court are near here. Closest Forgotten to us I think, could give us shelter. If they haven’t become Lost in the last 13 years since we spoke.”

Guide stormed ahead of the group . Enigma and Missive exchanged glances. Missive caught up to her and gently took her arm. Guide stopped and looked away. She could see Guide’s shoulder shaking.

“Guide, are you ok?” Missive asked

“No, I’ve lost everything I ever cared about” she said “ My home, my family, our people…”

“The Remembered live. They’ll join us once we find somewhere safe.” Missive said

“Watcher was…”

“We know”

By this time Engima had caught up to the two to find Guide had collapsed in Missives arms sobbing. He tried to muster the most reassuring voice he could, keeping his agitation veiled.

“Guide, if it helps, I heard you. I cleared the tavern of mortals before ’ it’ happened,” Enigma said. “at least you have that small victory from all of this. And your sister is alive and contained and can be dealt with. But right now we need you on your feet to Guide us. Mourn later we’re not safe from harm yet.”

She gathered herself and turned back to the road. She never did like Enigma see her vulnerable.

“It doesn’t. But thank you.” Guide said “And she’s not my sister. I broke the narrative bond while she was bound into the stone. She is her own fae now.”
Several days had passed since he had let the Forgotten leave and he cursed himself for it. Word had reached the Captain of the Camelot expedition that the reparations made to the innkeeper for damage to his tavern had been paid in gold bars that had suddenly disappeared the next day. Worse still was reports that the criminal he had let out on bond of oath to discharge this duty and return to resolve the issue of his crimes had, instead left with another fae who matched the description of Serpenterra’s stone thief.

He rallied his men. He had not received confirmation from Camelot of this Enigma’s crime but he had broken the scared oath of the Fae. That was a crime in need of punishment regardless of what his superiors would say. If breaking the oath didn’t kill him first at any rate. They would hunt this wretch down make an example of him.

They rode out over the Stennetbergs flying their standard of blue and red. Fine horses and silver bridles twinkling as hooves thundered in the valley. The riders left with the dawn mists and reached the plateau were the broken remains of sanctuary once stood by noon. The scouts came to the Captain’s side there was something he should see.

A claw scratched message in the rocky ground: Issue Resolved.

No sooner had he read those words did the ground shake as a mighty explosion erupted across the valley. He did not need his men to confirm that this had come from their camp. He had already mounted his stead and order them to ride hard back to camp.

The camp followers, the squires and initiates they had left behind were gone. Only a crater of magma and rock where the camp had once been.

Game Information:

  • There is now a large crater within in the Stennetberg mountains. Any character who was within southern Cinnea, eastern Delvings, Dregfold or the western Duchy can role play having felt the earthquake to some degree.
  • The cretor is about the size and shape of a small settlement
  • If you’ve seen the creator that was left when Luna’s Stand was destroyed it’s almost identical…